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Google Adsense is advertising company works on (PPC) Pay Per Click concept. with Adsense, you can earn from your online content. It may be your Website, Youtube channel or Mobile app etc. 

Among all other ad providers Adsense is most trusted. it is one of Google products.

How to start with Adsense?

All you have to do is create your page online (Better to choose blogger or wordpress). publish your contents and attract audience form that. after that you can apply for adsense. Once you adsense account get approved you can start placing banners in your page and earn every time when your viewer clicks on the banner.

But earning in online is not that much easy as you think. 

There are some set of rules to get your page approved by Google Adsense. If you are using a blog or webpage it should be alive for atleast 6 months(it is a rule but if you have more number of audience and a attractive page you don't have to wait for that time). your blog should not contain any copyrighted contents. there should be minimum 45 post in your blog. the layout of your blog should be attractive. blah.... blah.... blah.....

It will take nearly a month to activate your account by Google Adsense. In the mean time Adsense executives will analysis your blog. if your blog does not meet the standards of Adsense at any stage. immediately your application will get rejected and you will be notified on your registered email.

once your application is approved by Google Adsense you can start making money by placing ad units in your blog. 

But be careful, Adsense will find any fraud activities. if you click the ads on your own page or getting more number of clicks same ip will be caught. Than your account will be closed permanently. So try to get more income for your page do some SEO(Search Engine Optimization) and make your page available in front page of search engines.

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