There are so many companies offering free space for creating websites to explore your passion. sell products and write articles etc.

With Custom themes and templates, It is easy for anyone to create a websites and maintain it. To do this we don't want to be a expert in html or java script.

Among others companies blogger and wordpress are most commonly used by beginners. here i am going to show you how to start your own blogger page.


It is very easy to create your own website using blogger.

lets make this section into three sections for better understanding.

1) creating a blog

2) make a post

3) share to others

Step 1: Create a blog

Use your gmail username and password to login to blogger. after login first thing you have to do is choose a page name. 

If you want your own domain you have pay for it. 

but it is better to go without paying. for free webpages there are some limitations to post contents and your site name will be followed by blogspot as domain name. 

So your webpage name will look like ""

once you fixed your page name. Than choose a theme for your blogger, based on the purpose of the page choose the theme. you can customize the page layout and color as you wish. 

Step 2: make a post

Once you created a page. you can post your own articles in the page. you can post whatever you wish, it may be a review, project ideas or your passion anything.

Step 3: share with others

Last and final step after completing the above two steps. your page is ready for publishing and you can share the page with your friends and to the public with social media.

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