Convert Schematic into PCB design in Cadsoft Eagle

Welcome to Section 4, converting schematic into PCB, once if you are completely done with the Schematic diagram in Cadsoft Eagle. next thing you have to do is converting it into PCB design.

Use  convert schematic to board  icon to move your schematic into PCB board. you can find this icon in top tool bar, see above image.

A pop up window will open asking whether you want to convert this schematic into board. select yes.

Additional window will open like the one appear in the below image. in the top you can see the file name ends with .brd that is broad file.

Initially all the components will look like a messy network and placed outside a board. you have to select all components and bring it inside the board.

Arrange all components, place components in such a way you want the output PCB Board.

Use  route icon,  To connect components. you can use the yellow line as reference. once you done with connection between two node the yellow line will automatically disappear.

Initially you will route in bottom layer, if you want to switch to top layer, Use below drop down to change layers.

But try to complete your circuit with minimum number of  layers. for basic circuit try to complete it in single layer.

Give a border with wire tool .

Now your PCB Design with Cadsoft Eagle is completed.

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