Draw Schematic diagram in Cadsoft Eagle

Lets begin the Tutorial with drawing a schematic of your circuit in Cadsoft Eagle. Below is the home screen of Cadsoft Eagle 7.6.0

To open a new schematic sheet.

File >> New >> Schmatic,  it will end up with opening a screen like this

This is blank sheet you are going to build your circuit here.

To add components

Use  icon to open components library

Browse your component, the difficult job in PCB designing is finding the right component in library. most of you can't find the exact component. you have to find and use similar components at that time.

The numeric in the component name denotes the size of the component. you will also find V and H in end of some component name it is nothing but vertical and horizontal placement.

Add all the components you need for the circuit.

To interconnect components use wire icon ,

know you are complete with your circuit diagram, but when you making a PCB board there must be some pin holes to give input and take output. so add pinheaders according to that.

 final stage of Drawing schematic is changing the names and values of the componets.

Use Name icon  and Value icon  to change names and give values to the component.

Now your are completed with your Schematic diagram.

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