Google giving free laptops for their Customers

To attract customers different companies are using different techniques nowadays. Even large companies have a separate team for planning this kind of marketing strategies. like wise one of the leading company Google is now started doing a different marketing technique to attract users towards Cloud platform.

According to reports, Google is now send free laptops to Microsoft Azure partners in order to attract them towards Google Cloud.

The package consists of free laptop along with a testimonials form google cloud customers to show customers what they are missing without google services. the package was labeled with a message "Transforming your business with Google Cloud is as easy as having a conversation. We'll send you a Chromebook to start our discussion"

You may have doubt whether it is an efficient market technique or not. But for a largest company like Google offering 200 dollars worth laptops to attract high potential partners is a good deal. We also should not forget that such big companies will not do things just-like-that. there will be some master plans behind this offers.

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