USBASP Programmer kit

This is a Do It Yourself home made AVR Programmer kit, It has USBASP Programmer and Target Microcontroller in a single board.

The programmer has a USBASP bootloaded Atmega 8, and another Atmega 8 as a Target microcontroller because it has enough momery and ports necessary for projects i am going to do. You can also use Atmega 328 as a Target if you wish.

Since i made it for study purpose. I break some design rules in this board. like i used the micro USB in the bottom of the board.

Atmega 8 - 2 Nos
USB = Micro USB female port
D1-D3 = Zener diode 3.9v
Q1 = 12 MHz crystal oscillator
Q2 = 16 MHz crystal oscillator
R1, R2 = 680 ohms
R3, R4 = 4.7K ohms
C1-C9 = 100 nF Capacitor
C10 = 4.7 uF/63V capacitor
L1 = 100uH
SW1 = Reset switch

LEE - Learn Experiment and Enjoy

To know how to make PCB in home goto this link: DO IT YOURSELF: HOME MADE PCB BOARDS

We are going to use only mobile data cable for power supply and programming. so i have removed rectification and regulator unit because the output of a USB is always 3.7v to 5v and it does not require any rectification further. And also you can use your mobile charger as power instead of buying AC Adapter.

I used Cadsoft Eagle for Designing PCBs.
Click Here to download: PCB Layout

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