Voltage, Current and Resistance Relationship

Voltage, Current and Resistance are the three main factor in Electronics and also Electrical. If you want to learn Electronics from very basics you have to start from understanding difference between voltage, current and resistance.


Voltage is a force that moves the electron. 

DefinitionVoltage is defined as the electromotive force or the electric potential energy difference between two points.

Voltage is measured in volts.

1 micro volt = .000001 volt
1 milli volt = .001 volt
1 volt
1 kilo volt = 1000 volt
1 mega volt = 1,000,000 volt


The amount of electrons flow in a circuit is called current.

Definition: Current is a flow of electrical charge carriers, usually electrons or electron-deficient atoms.

Current is measured in Amps.

1 Amps
1 milli amps = .001 amps


Resistance opposes the flow of current.

Definition: Resistance is the ability of the conductor to resist the flow of electric current through it.

When value of resistance increase the current flow in the circuit will reduces.

Resistance is measured in ohms.

1 ohms
1K ohms = 1000 ohms
1M ohms = 1,000,000 ohms 

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