Introduction to Embedded Systems

Embedded system is a combination of computer hardware and software designed to perform a dedicated task. For example in modern luxury cars there are more 50 embedded control systems are used to control different task. one will control airbag deployment and another will control automatic braking system. below is a example of number of embedded system employed in a luxury cars to give amazing driving experience to the customers.

Architecture of Embedded systems

The internal architecture of embedded systems is very similar to a personal computer. every embedded system has a CPU, Input and output devices, memories, etc. but a Embedded System has a application specific circuitry which makes it unique. These Application Specific Circuitry is unique of every Embedded System.

How General Purpose Computer differ from Embedded System.

A general purpose computer is not designed to perform specific task. rather it is able to do many things. one user will use it for playing games. another will use it to surf internet. and it goes on. a personal computer has infinite number of applications. 

But an Embedded system can only perform task for which it is designed. An Embedded system used in microwave oven cannot be used for MP3 players. Still we prefer to go for Embedded Systems where employing a general purpose computer is not so efficient. instead of employing a personal computer, a small Microcontroller and few lines is code where enough to control a microwave oven. 

Do you know even to run a General Purpose computer we need some embedded systems.

Yes, Even to run a personal computer you need some embedded systems. the keyboard, mouse and monitors are also Embedded Systems.

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