what is a microcontroller?

A Microcontroller is a system with inbuilt Processor, RAM, ROM, Ports, Timer, oscillators etc., Since it has all the pheripherals are embedded inside, it is called embedded controller. We are using 100's of microcontrollers in our daily life like automatic fridge, automatic washing machine, coffee machines and other vending machines, mobile phones, smart watches, etc., where ever you hear the word automatic there will be a microcontroller behind the automated work. 

These Microcontrollers are programmable. Through program we can configure the inbuilt pheripherals including direction of the ports and also instruct the microcontroller what to do.

Types of Microcontrollers

There are several Microcontroller available with different specifications and from different family. 

Specification wise we can classify microcontroller with size of memory, number of ports, speed, types of instruction set used, ic packaging and the most important one bit size, mostly all microcontrollers are come under 8, 16 and 32 bit. 

Microcontroller are also classified by families, microcontroller under same manufacturer are called as same family. some of microcontroller manufacturer are  PIC, ARM, Intel, Motorola, Atmel, Siemens, Texas, etc.

How to choose a right microcontroller

while choosing a microcontroller we must consider lot of factors, mainly memory size and number of ports. The controller you choose must have enough memory to store program, handle datas and enough number of ports as per our requirement. 

We must also consider family of  the controller. Since instruction set and programming tools are different for each family. its better to choose family in which we are comfortable with and which best suites our requirement.

If you are startup in Microcontroller you can starts learning with PIC and Atmel microcontrollers since there are lots of open source projects and tutorials you can find on internet.

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