Over the years, we've seen companies trying to come up with a successful smart glasses but still struggling to have a successful model. google and snap Spectacles are some of them.

But Intel now launched a new Smart Glasses called Vaunt, The look of this smart glass is exactly same as a regular glass. This Intel Vaunt glasses are simple plastic frames weight under 50 Grams. especially with no camera. this smart glass work with both powered and non-powered lenses, inside of the stems of the frame sits a low-powered class one laser, as well as a processor, an accelerometer, a Bluetooth chip and a compass.

The Laser used in Vaunt is a low powered class one laser completely harmless for the eyes. this laser emits a red, monochrome image into your eye at 400 x 150 pixels. The laser beaming directly into your retina so the image is always in focus.

For now this Vaunt smart glass will let you know it's someone's birthday, send notifications from your phone. or detect that you're in the kitchen and send you a recipe.

But in future models we can expect microphone and smart assistances like Alexa or siri, so soon get ready for smart glasses like you see in the science fiction movies.

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