Why we call it as "God Particle"

The God particle also called as "Higgs Boson" is a subatomic particle. We already know everything in the world is made up of atoms and this atom consists of protons, neutrons and electrons. and the answers not ends here. lets go inside of the protons, neutrons and electrons, how they are formed and why some of them as mass-less like photons and some other have Hugh mass. Here we break the atomic particles into further smaller particles called subatomic particles. 

This mass is main property of those subatomic particle that allows particle to combine with one another to form different matter. and without mass there is no gravity no planets revolving around sun and nothing. So a subatomic particle that has the property of mass has ability to create matter which is base of every living and non living thing in the universe hence it is called as "god particle" and it is named as Higgs Boson Because of Peter Higgs who discovered the god particle initially in 1960.

Even now scientists have proved the existence of Higgs boson only theoretically, The only practical way to get god particle or higgs boson is by making the protons to travel in speed of light and make them colloid one another. by this the protons will further brake down into smaller particles.

The experiments was practically conducts in Switzerland as "Large Hadron Collider" and on 4th july 2012 scientist have announced finally they have got the god particles.

So far scientist have only able to get higgs boson particle that are highly unstable and rarely last for few minutes. so it impossible to completely understand the properties of higgs boson. but we believe the researches on higgs boson will open the doors of physics beyond our standard existing models. 
The Higgs Boson Simplified Through Animation

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