Facebook user be aware of malware message spreading through messanger

Hi friends few days before i got message in facebook messanger from my friend 

saying "i am on the video click here to watch" 

but when i clicked the link it goes to some malicious link. i was confused and asked him about video. then only i came to he haven't send me any link. after few hours the link changed to smiley. 

hackers and cyber criminal are doing lot of tricks to hack account and steal personal information form our computer with these kind of malicious link. after i google about this issue i came to know this is a malware with advanced and abfuscated coding and uses ton of domains to prevent from tracking. the main thing is its multi platformed. 

This malware use facebook messanger to send malicious message, hack browser and peronal information from computer.

So kindly avoid this kind of messages. even if you clicked one by accident i recommend you to scan your pc with a good updated antivirus. 

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