My dear fellow online workers.

There are different types of online scams are happening online. This is due to more number of people looking for online jobs to earn passive income without doing any hardwork.

Remember no one is ready to pay you single dollar just like that.

Its easy to find a genuine online jobs in the crowd. All you have to do is first come out the illusion that online works are so easy.

Know the first rule of online jobs (first "LEARN" than remove the "L")

Don't go behind people saying work 2 to 3 hours a day earn 50 dollar to 100 dollar. If it is that much easy than the whole world will do this job only. actually this people make use of your greed for their own benefits.

There are lots of agencies looking for peoples contacts information's like mail id, mobile number etc., when you are registering yourself with a fake website. they can sell your contacts for such agencies. or else the website itself may be hacker trap so they can steal your personal data from the details you provide during registeration.

Avoid this kind of job offers

1. Work 2 to 3 hours a day and earn huge.
2. Just do some copy paste work and earn huge
3. Avoid captcha entry works. (there are some real website available like 2captcha. but you cant even       earn a single dollar in end of the day after putting so much hardwork)
4.Never go behind a person say immediate you can earn 100s of dollars.

How to search for a genuine online job

1. To earn money you have to do some service to your client. if you are good at some thing. (graphic designing, web designing, logo making, search engine optimizing, etc), you can look for online client and start work from home. there are some market place available for that

Example: Fiverr (Even to do this also you have to be good enough to overcome other top rated workers)

2. Do Affiliate Marketing(sell products and get commission). There are number of providers               available but most trusted are Filpkart and Amazon. To do this you need to have more number for followers, you can use your website or youtube channel or facebook page.

Best way is to start with facebook page or create a Free blogger page

3. Join Adsense, for this also you need to create more number of audience. This is similiar to affiliate marketing. but instead of getting commission for selling products. you will be paid whenever a viewer click on a advertisement in your page.

Don't Forget no job will pay you 100s or 1000s dollars without hardwork. everything required time and learning to get success.

Choose a right job. do lots of researches. Remember "when you have 6 hours to cut a tree spent 4 hours to sharp the axe"

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