This is a Home Made Arduino Board. I have included circuit with this articles. 
To know how to make PCB in home read my article how to make PCB in home.

Arduino is microcontroller programming kit used by beginners as well as professionals. The speciality of Arduino is its IDE (Integrated Development Environment), Arduino used a unique programming language it is easy for beginner to understand and start writing their codes.

Except that all other operations and applications are same as a normal microcontrollers.

Arduino uses AVR microcontroller especially Arduino uno uses Atmega 328P.

For Home made arduino it is better to choose Atmega 8 or Atmega 328, Use have to choose bootloader based on which controller you are choosing.

You can divided the board into three sections.

1. Power Section
2. USB to UART section (FT232R)
3. Main controller (Atmega 8 or 328P)

You can see the FT232R in back side of the board

I designed the PCB with EAGLE 5.6.0. and Print the board with Toner Transfer Method.

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