Power banks are the most wanted gadgets for everyone nowadays. Because of day by day increasing of smartphone usage. Its difficult to plan for a trip without a power bank.
If we take a look into the market there are lot of power banks available and it is very difficult to choose the right power bank, some of them are costly, some of them are low quality we have to choose the right one.
But there are other ideas too, if you have some basic knowledge in electronics. This article will help you to built your own power bank that too you can built as per your requirement. 

This is my Home made power bank for my Samsung galaxy y, The battery capacity of Samsung Galaxy y is 2400mah, 

For this I used a single 18650 battery of 2600mah, so this power bank can charge my phone completely one time

1. 18650 li-ion battery3.7v 2600mah.    
2. TP4056.
3. 0.9,3v to 5vconverter module.
4. single pole singlethrough switch.
5. Data cable
6. Plastic box like one in above image or similarly somthing.

Circuit Diagram:

Note:  If u want to increase the capacity of the power bank,  just add 18650 batteries in parallel.

You can charge your power bank with solar panel.

It is very simple choose a solar panel, solar panel rating should be above 6v and 600mah.

Connect the solar panel to your power bank through 7805 regulator with capacitor. capacitor is to reduce fluctuations of solar panel.

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