Resistor, Capacitor and Inductor

In this article i will give a simple overview about three basic components of electronics

1. Resistance
2. Capacitance
3. Inductance


  • it is used to reduce the flow of current.
  • Resistance is measured in Ohms
1 ohms
1K ohms =  1000 ohms
1M ohms = 1000,000 ohms


  • It is generally works like a low capacity battery
  • It stores the voltage until it fully charges. then it will let the output to the other terminal.
  • It is also used to generate time delay and reduce noise.
  • Capacitance is measured in Farad
1 Farad
1 milli Farad = .001 Farad
1 micro Farad =  .000001 Farad
1 nano Farad = .000000001 Farad
1 pico Farad = .000000000001 Farad


  • Inductor allows direct current (DC) and blocks Alternating Current (AC).
  • Every wire carring current will produce a little amount of magnetic field. when the wire is in coiled shaped it will generate more magnetic field. so it is also used to create electro magnets.
  • Inductance is measured in Henry
1 Henry
1 milli Henry = .001 Henry
1 micro Henry =  .000001 Henry
1 nano Henry = .000000001 Henry


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