Extreme Burner AVR - Uploading Program

After downloading and installing the software when you open the software, it will look like the above picture.

While installing the software it is recommended to connect you programmer to the PC. so that the drivers will also install along with software installation.

Every time when you connect you programmer to the PC, you can see MODE in Bottom as ISP, That means your your programmer is successfully connected.

Select Chip in top > in the drop down select the microcontroller you are going to use.

To Upload a Program:

STEP 1: OPEN > browse and select the .hex file > after you select the hex file the hexadecimel value in the table will according to that

STEP 2: WRITE ALL > you program will upload to the microcontroller and you will see program uploaded successfull message.

NOTE: If you are a beginner please uncheck the read or write fuse bit options before start programming. Wrong fuses will lock your microcontroller and you cannot use the controller once again.

Similiarly to Read a program from a microcontroller use READ ALL option,

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