Home made mini UV exposure box

Ultraviolet exposing unit in many industries like Tshirt printing, PCB manufacturing etc. For electronics this UV exposure units are mandatory for developing films and photo etching. For learning if we need this UV exposure units these are bit costly to afford.

I faced this problem when i started to develop photo films for my own PCB, We can use sun light for this, but constant light source is need for good quality outputs. So i came up with this idea to make my own mini UV exposing unit.

Let me tell you how to do it.

connect UV LEDs in dotted PCB board like shown above. i have connected ten ten LEDs in parallels and interconnected them as serial. so energy will distributed equally and you will get equal amount of exposure all over.

You can buy UV LEDs from various online electronic stores. i bought it from electroncomponents.com

Once you finished with interconnecting LEDs, place the board in unused box like shown in above picture, let the positive and negative wire hang outside to connect power source.

you can use variable power supply to adjust exposure level.

I used a small size photo frame to frame the film i want to expose. and cover it with my exposure box to make the task simple.

Caution: Use Eye Protection while working on UV lights.

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