Serial AVR Programmer

If you are a beginner in AVR Microcontroller and if you are going to program AVR once or twice, it is best to make a Serial AVR Programmer for this purpose.

Or if you want a programmer for frequent use, i suggest you to go for USB ASP Programmer Or Arduino

It is easy to built and Low cost, You can access any AVR microcontroller with it using Serial port of your Computer. so before starting check whether your PC have a serial port or not. because most of modern PCs and Laptops are stop using serial ports in their devices.

If your PC have it you are lucky.

CON1 = RS232 male port
R1,R3 = 4.7K ohms
R2,R5 = 10K ohms
R4 = 33K ohms
D1 = Diode IN4148
D2,D3 = Zener diode 5.1V
T1 = Transistor BC846B
ISP = 6 pin header.

once you build the circuit you can connect you PC and Microcontroller (While connecting your microcontroller to this circuit use stand along components for microcontroller), Then you can start loading programs to your microcontroller using any one of the following free softwares

1. ProgISP
2. PonyProg
3. AVRDude
4. Extreme Burner - AVR

I personally use ProgISP and Extreme Burner - AVR in my projects.

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