Different types of Diodes

PN Junction Diode
The standard type of diode, know more

Light Emitting Diode
When the diode is connected in forwarding bias, then the current flows through the junction and generates the light.

Zener Diode
The Zener diode is used to provide a stable reference voltage.

Laser Diode
The laser diode is not the similar as the ordinary LED (light emitting diode) because it generates coherent light.

PIN Diode
Used in high frequency RF signal mixing and switching.


Photo Diode
The photodiode is used to detect light.

Schottky Diode
The Schottky diode has a lower forward voltage drop than ordinary PN-junction diodes. These diodes are extensively used in rectifier application, clamping diodes, and also in RF applications.

Tunnel Diode
Used for microwave applications.

Varactor Diode or Varicap Diode
It is used as a variable capacitance which can be accomplished by controlling voltage. used in Voltage controlled oscillators.


Gunn Diode
Used for producing microwave signals.

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