What is VPN and What are the benefits of using a VPN

Virtual Private Network(VPN) is a Technique use to create a secure connect to a network present in different geographic locations. with these VPNs we can access networks even in other side of the world.

Mainly this VPNs are used for
i) Hiding our browsing activity from our Internet Service Provider(ISP).
ii) To access our business network while travelling in different countries.
iii) To get access to region restricted websites and services over the internet.

Why we need a VPN?

As we all know ever devices need a unique IP address to access the internet. these IP address are identity of your devices with help of your unique IP address your Internet Service Provider(ISP) will know your exact geographic location and your browsing activities.

If you want to hide yourself from your ISP servers or to access different servers in different geographic location. you need to virtually change your IP address to valid IP address belongs to some other geographic location. by doing this you will hide from your actual ISP server and you will get access to the server of your virtual IP.

How to get a valid IP address to setup a VPN?

There are two ways to get IP to setup a VPN, Buy from a genuine VPN service provider. Or if you are just getting started there are some tools available to provide free and secure VPNs with limited access like TunnelBear, hide.Me, Windscribe, etc. With these free tools you can access region restricted websites, download files and play with some public WI-FI hotspots.

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