What is a fake antivirus?

Fake antiviruses are malicious software developed to steal information and encrypt personal documents from anyone computer. hackers usually develop this kind of softwares and spread using pop-up messages, emails, online advertisements and search engines. Usually this Fake antiviruses are capable of making changes to infected computer so that user cannot retrieve personal documents or uninstall this malicious software. 

How to stay safe from fake antivirus.

  • Be careful when opening email attachments from unknown sender.
  • Even sometimes we will receive messages from friends or family member asking to open malicious links. before opening such links make sure the message is actually send by your friend.
  • While surfing in internet you will find lots of pop-ups saying "your pc is infected by malware, install this antivirus to stay safe" usually genuine antivirus will not advertise through pop-up messages. 
  • To purchase or update antivirus, always visit vendor site directly.
  • Usually Antivirus will not ask your bank account or credit card details, so be careful when your antivirus ask your personal details. 

How to know when we are already affected by fake antivirus.
  • Unusual security warning in system display.
  • Hard disk free space reduce time to time even if you don't make any changes in PC.
  • Unusual changing of system fonts and file names.
If you find any of these symptoms in your PC, It means your already affected by malware. always use genuine antivirus and update it regularly to stay safe from this kind of fake antivirus and other malwares.

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