Google in recent days providing various offers and free services to attract customers towards Google services. likewise Google now providing $300 as free trial bonus for all new customers signing in to google cloud services. This $300 can be used within a time limit of one year. 

Users can create customized cloud servers, cloud storage and lot more services for this $300. Google also provides wonderful customer support by providing mail and phone support along with number of supporting documents to help users to guide on cloud services. 

Improve your business with google cloud services:
There are lot of services available in google cloud to help improve your business. If industries operating with number of personal computer it is very economic to implement a cloud server instead of a local server in work place. 

Advantage of cloud server over local server. 
i) no maintenance cost
ii) easy to upgrade when you increase your business
iii) cost for implementing cloud server is much low than local server. 
iv) wonderful customer support.

Users can create and customize cloud servers and connect it to local LAN through VPN softwares. At the same time user can also access their cloud server anywhere form the world with any of the remote desktop facility. Other than Servers user can also use huge cloud storage to store personal and official data. 

How to sign in to google cloud services:
Signing in to google cloud services is as easy as signing into gmail account. but user has to provide PAN details and credit or debit card details. while updating credit or debit card details prefer not to select automatic monthly payment, unless you select this option google will never take a single penny from your credit or debit card for any reason. 

If you select this automatic monthly payment option once the free trial is over, your monthly cloud usage charges will start debiting from your card.   

Note: google cloud platform not supporting few banks credit and debit cards from India. anyway you can sign in with any credit or debit card and use the service until you get card not verified error.

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