Bloom box is a electrical generator built with Solid Oxide Fuel Cells. The concept was invented by Indian scientist Dr. K. R.Sridhar for NASA's Mars surviver lander project. Initially This Fuel cells are designed to use solar energy to convert frozen ices into water and separate Hydrogen and Oxygen from it for life support and rocket propulsion. But unfortunately the mission was canceled. 

But Dr. K. R.Sridhar soon realized that the same technology could have an even greater impact here on Earth by reversing the process. 

Instead of giving electrical energy as input and converting it to gases and liquid fuel. The system was rebuilt to accept hydrocarbon contained fuel as input and it takes oxygen from atmosphere and capable of producing electrical energy in output. This is called Solid Oxide Fuel Cells.

Why Bloom Box is more Efficient than other Conventional Generator?
Usually in all generators liquid fuel is converted into mechanical energy and then converted into electrical energy. but in bloom box liquid fuel is directly converted into electrical energy. So it is more efficient than any other conventional generators.

How Much energy can be produced by single Solid oxide fuel cell?
From the origin the capacity of the fuel cells are keep on increasing. Far now a single Solid Oxide Fuel Cell can produce 25Watts output. A stack of 25 to 30 fuel cells are capable of powering a normal us home.

Each Bloom Energy Server ES5700 is said to provide 200 kW of power, similar to the baseload needs of 160 average homes or one office building

Cost for installation?
The current cost of each 100 kW Bloom Energy Server is $700,000–800,000. The capital cost is $7–8 per watt The company announced plans for a smaller home sized Bloom server priced under $3,000 estimated at 1 kW.

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