Most of us think Artificial Intelligence like Siri or Alexa will itself have ability to understand human language and giving answers on its own. But there is a little secret that most of us don't know about Artificial intelligence. Really there are hundreds of thousands peoples are working on background to deliver a better Artificial intelligence services. 

Actually people from all around the world are working on digital equivalent of transcribing speeches, identifying objects in images, etc., where computer can't quite make out. 

Once the inputs are converted to digital datas that can be understand by systems. Those data are feed to machine learning algorithm to deliver better experience in self driving cars, virtual assistance like Siri and much more technologies. 

Usually tasks are divided into number of micro tasks and given to freelance workers through mediums likes Amazon Mtruk, CrowdFlower, etc. These micro tasks will pays pennies per piece. sometimes same micro tasks can be given to more number of people to get more accurate flawless results. Companies like google and bing are already using this human input for decades to improving their artificial intelligence systems.

For some Artificial intelligence systems people need to work on background, when AI algorithm fails or get a Request which is completely new to that algorithm. The request is transferred to hundreds of people to get the best possible solution in real time. Also these solutions are stored and used by the AI system for next time when it receives the same request. 

May be now a day we are using human inputs to deliver better Artificial Intelligence. but some day AI systems can execute verbal commands without flaw and possibly think of its own. 

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