A Semiconductor is a material that essentially can be conditioned to act as a good conductor or good insulator or anything in-between. elements like carbon, silicon and Germanium are commonly used semiconductors in Electronics.

The invention of Semiconductor leads to replacement of larger vacuum tubes devices with smaller transistors which is cost efficient and much smaller in size. This revolution has keep on decrease size of the components year by year and leads to inventions like Integrated Circuits which contain thousands of transistors in single chip. 

Classification of Semiconductors
Electronics components are made from only Extrinsic Semiconductors. Because only by adding different impurity we can obtain different type of semiconductors essential for building Electronics Components. 

Generally Boron is added to silicon semiconductor to obtain P-type material and Antimony is added to Silicon to obtain N-type material. P-Type materials has more number of free holes and N-type materials has more number free electrons. 

Lets take a look how a diode a formed with these P-type and N-type materials.

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